Whitney Cummings in See Through Wet Bikini Top

Whitney Cummings took this publicity photo that is pretty much a topless shot. Her failed TV show is off the air and the most she has done lately was the Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart. If Whitney Cummings is taking her boobs out for a stroll it can only mean one thing, she has a project on the way.

A quick check on IMDB shows she is in the new Adam Sandler vehicle “The Ridiculous 6 ”. This flick seems to have every bad actor in Hollywood in it – Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, David Spade,  Rob Schneider and Luke Wilson round out the cast with Whitney Cummings, Steve Buscemi and Nick Nolte also made their way into the flick so I am guessing they owe Adam Sandler a favor or lost a bet.

The movie is described as a comedy western so of course they have to enlist Danny Trejo to play the role he has played in every freaking movie he has ever been in. The only thing that could save this mess is if Whitney Cummings spends most of her time on screen nude. In fact Whitney Cummings should be naked in the trailer. I am talking about full frontal nudity.

If Adam Sandler really wants to save this flick maybe Whitney Cummings should take on the “The Ridiculous 6 ” and they can make it a gang bang porn. Whitney Cummings is yet to go nude or even topless in a film so maybe “The Ridiculous 6 ” will be the flick she plays her naked card. It is either that or she can go back to writing crappy scripts for “Two Broke Girls”. You know that TV show that is only watchable because of Kat Dennings and her massive breasts.

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