Cosplay Cutie of the Week: Nori in Wonderland

Hailing from Taiwan is this week’s Cosplay Cutie – Nori in Wonderland. The 25-year-old cosplayer makes her own costumes, does make up for herself (and others) as well as doing photography; making Nori in Wonderland a well rounded, and talented cosplayer.

Nori draws a lot of her costumes from anime, Japanese based games and folklore; which is fairly common in Asian cosplay. However this also adds an extra layer of challenge, as many of the costumes associated with folklore are extremely detailed and often required to be either historically accurate or, in the very least
Not only are these costumes intricate, detailed and extremely character accurate; but it’s also her use of props and locales that really set her images apart.

Adding to the overall effect of her pictures is the quality of the photography, the subtle digital touch ups and her choice of poses all blend together nicely to create an overall image that has a great balance throughout. Meaning that Nori seems intent on creating an entire image rather that just focusing on herself, something many cosplayers have been accused of doing.

Not only is Nori an accomplished, and award winning, cosplayer, but she is also a model with multiple credits; which is probably where she draws many of the ideas of her poses from.
Or, in the very least, has given her the experience to know how to work with a photographer, rather than just woodenly holding a pose.

You can follow Nori in Wonderland on Facebook, or ask her a question directly via her page.


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