Pantera Fans Petition Crown Royal to Make a Special Edition for Dimebag

Darrell Dimebag Abbott knew how to live. Unfortunately that life was cut too short. When Dime was not pumping out metal for his legions of fans he could most likely be found back in Texas sipping a drink at the Clubhouse or by the side of his brother Vinnie’s pool. Most likely the drink in his hand would be a Crown Royal, Black Tooth Grin. 

According to “Dime is credited with creating the official drink for Pantera, called the ‘Black Tooth Grin.’ His drink of choice contained a large shot of Seagrams 7, a large shot of Crown Royal (that’s two shots of whiskey if you’re keeping track) and just a splash of Coke. The name, of course, was borrowed from lyrics from the Megadeth song ‘Sweating Bullets.’”

Dimebag was assassinated December 8, 2004 in Columbus, OH, talented life cut way too short. 6 days latter Darrell Dimebag Abbott was buried in a KISS coffin with Eddie Van Halen’s iconic bumblebee guitar and a few bottles of Crown Royal to give Dime a Black Tooth Grin in the afterlife.

Pantera fan Josh Henderson thought of a great way for us to remember Dimebag and his love for Crown Royal. Why not “Get Crown Royal to Make a Special Edition Dimebag Black Tooth Grin Whiskey”. Josh setup a page to petition Royal Crown to honor the Texas shreader and he is at halfway to his goal already.

If you are a fan of Dimebag, Pantera, Damageplan or a fan of metal in anyway head over to and sign the petition. It is only a couple of mouse clicks and it just might get a tribute bottle of Crown Royal into the hands of Dimebag fans. You can access the petition at the link below.