Gadget Review: Jan-Al Laptop Cases – Simply The Best Protection You Can Buy

The laptop is now becoming a crucial part of the production of live music. The easy access to various parts of laptops available on online sites like Plusshop and Amazon only pushes people to create and upload new music. Lighting directors now store their lighting scenes in an array of programs. Sound engineers use their laptops to trigger VST effects and record shows. Now even musicians are leaving their walls of amplifiers home and choosing to go direct to the board through various applications. Case in point is RUSH’s Alex Lifeson. Alex has traded in his wall of Marshalls for a Macbook Pro.

While laptops give up new portability we shouldn’t forget their fragility. For years musicians have had sturdy road cases built for their massive amps. Why not give the same protection to your laptop? One company that makes professional quality road cases for laptops is Jan-Al cases in California.

Jan-Al has been making road cases for some of the biggest acts in the world for years. The also make what I would consider the best laptop cases available. The Jan-Al laptop cases are made with the same attention to detail their larger cases are made with. The same quality components that go into making an amp or guitar case can now be used to protect your laptop, tablet and all of its accessories.

Jan-Al’s laptop cases come in a range of sizes from 15” to 20” to fit most standard PC and Mac machines. For those of you that have unique needs custom cases can be easily built to accommodate any customer need or desire. Jan-Al can even build you a case to hold all your laptops, electronic and media in one larger convenient secure road case.

So who should be using Jan-Al laptop cases? The answer is everyone. These cases are priced to accommodate everyone from the consumer to the professional. Marketing professionals can use Jan-Al cases when shipping electronic out to tradeshows. Touring musicians these cases are a must for you. These cases are so cool you can even use it for everyday use.

As I said Jan-Al has been the choice of touring musicians for years. The also supply many Major League Baseball teams, Aerospace companies and Fortune 500 companies with their top notch touring cases. This gives me the comfort in knowing my key equipment has the same unparalleled protection the pros use.


Take a look at the Jan-Al website I think you will be impressed. They make everything from briefcases, portfolios & tool kits to cases for exhibit material, electronics & displays. Of course they also make the finest laptop cases I have ever seen. Jan-Al can be located online at Twitter @JanAlCasesFacebook or at the contact information below.

Jan-Al Corporate Office
3339 Union Pacific Avenue
P.O. Box 23337
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Phone: 323 260-7212