CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Beijing China’s Aoandou

In previous instalments (and other articles) we have touched on various elements in China that, we here in the west, generally don’t associate with our understanding of the communist country; that is famed for it’s oppressive environment.

And yet time and again we find that certain elements not only exist, but are also flourishing. Often in a manner that is very similar to its counterparts in the west.

One such element is cosplay. And yet another great example of this is the cosplay work of Aoandou, from China’s capital city Beijing.

An active cosplayer for almost 10 years, Auandou’s cosplay work features detailed costumes; which she finishes with attention to every element of the character.

Her images are sexy, strongly posed, use well rendered backgrounds and are clearly done by very talented photographers.

In fact Aoandou’s cosplay work is of the calibre that she has attracted the attention of well-known Chinese cosplay photographer Mengjie Luan, whom she now works with.

While many are probably not familiar with Luan’s it is definitely worth a look for any cosplay fan.

Luan is credited with helping forge the interest and respect that cosplay currently enjoys in China, largely due to the quality of the work and photographing artists such as Aoandou.

In fact some images attached to this article were taken by Luan.

You can follow Aoandou work through her Deviantart Page, or find images of her on Mengjie Luan’s Facebook Page.


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