Drinking Quest – A RPG Drinking Card Game

RPG’s (short for Role Playing Game) have never been more popular than they currently are. Between computers, consoles LARP (Live Action Role Playing), card games, board games, and hundreds of games on mobile devices; the RPG is enjoying some incredible popularity right now.

This genre is no limited to the notion of socially awkward people pretending to be wizards, elves and knights while rolling dice in their parents basement; it is now a multi billion-dollar industry and fans can’t get enough of it.

Games, books, magazines, animation, movies and cosplay are only a few examples of the various forms people enjoy this form of entertainment in.

So how about an RPG card game that revolves around drinking your way through the quest with raunchy humour?

If you said ‘Yes’ then Drinking Quest Tabletop Card Game is for you.

But don’t be fooled by it’s title, this isn’t a game designed strictly for diehard college drinking teams. Rather it’s designed more to have a few laughs without getting completely shit faced. Although I’m sure you could if you really wanted to.

Knowing that not everyone would want to get completely lacquered to play the game, creator Jason Anarchy designed the game in such a way that you can drink as little, (or as much) as you wanted; or even not drink at all.

Each set will cost you under $50 USD, and is a complete set with everything you need to play the game with multiple friends.

The game is also designed to have a high replay value, with 220 different cards each with its own artwork and captions.

The game is fairly straightforward, with raunchy (not over the top) humour.

So even that one fun sponge type that finds everything uncool and childish should still have some fun. Before they go home to eat alone and update their online dating profile while drinking wine with their cat.

The cards are designed to be funny even when you’re sober, so people who choose not to drink or drink lightly will still have a few chuckles.

I won’t give anything away, but when I first saw this game at a comic convention I saw people reading the cards and laughing.

Plus the reviews for this game all mention how much fun it is.

You can find out for yourself, and find links to order the game through the official Drinking Quest Website.

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