Spotlight: Kassandra Leigh Purcell – CosPlayer and Alt Model

Hailing from Long Island New York is Kassandra Leigh Purcell a cosplayer with a well-rounded skill set to design and present her costume ideas. A working photographer and model in the fetish, and alternative, end of the fashion industry Kassandra has multiple credits both in front, and behind the camera.

Never being afraid to be risqué in her images, and designs, has netted Kassandra both many fans and a few critics. Fans love the sexy poses and outfits that Kassandra designs and makes for her slender frame; which is the very thing that some critics have attacked her for, one even going so far as to question how healthy her weight is. Others have criticized her for modelling in nude photo shoots, (sorry boys, you’ll have to find those on your own).

But these few critics haven’t made any impact on the fans who enjoy her work. In fact many comment that it’s her alternative and risqué edge that draws them to her.

Nor has the criticism stopped Kassandra from doing the type of work that she both enjoys, and is very well suited too. Many people try to pull off the alternative look for the sake of shock value, which (generally) gives their work an artificial or contrived feel. Kassandra’s work, (however) does feel genuine with a good flow and aesthetic value.

Throughout her social media Kassandra addresses the criticisms without dwelling or taking away from the work which fans world over have come to enjoy.

You can decide for yourself by following Kassandra via her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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