Maitland Ward Flashes a Boob on her Snap Chat

Roughly 6 months ago we reported on Maitland Ward posing nude in body paint. Things must be getting more desperate for the Boy Meets World, and The Bold and the Beautiful star. Maitland Ward uploaded this topless shot on Snap Chat. I am guessing the full frontal nudity shot in the body paint didn’t get her the attention she desired. Now Maitland Ward is putting her surgically altered cans on display for all to see.

The reason for the sudden appearance of Maitland Ward naked all of a sudden is pretty simple. Maitland Ward is staring in an indie film soon to be released called “A Perfect Chaos”. And get this Maitland Ward is the lead in the film. Her last big roles was as a supporting actress in the Wayans Brothers flop White Chicks.

“A Perfect Chaos” is a comedy but that doesn’t mean there is no nudity in the film. With all of the naked promotion Maitland Ward is doing I would expect to see a bit of skin in the movie. We do have to give Maitland Ward some credit, she does have us talking about “A Perfect Chaos”. If she sends us a couple more skin shots we would be more than happy to post the trailer.

The really interesting thing about these pictures are they are public nudity shots. Maitland Ward is flashing her breasts and lacey purple panties and you can clearly see traffic in the background. She is lucky she didn’t cause an accident flashing those huge cans. She also has a cute sneaky smile as she reveals her voluptuous body to the world.

If you would like to see Maitland Ward flash a boob on her Snap Chat click on the picture below to see the unedited photo. Be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions.