CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Tina Rybakova – Fearless Cosplay

Although many people like to talk big very few have the stones to walk around outside in the snow, unless they are bundled up; or go near potentially dangerous animals unless that animal is caged. Fewer still would have the nerve to do both at the same time, and on many occasions. Such is not the case with our latest feature Tina Rybakova.

Hailing from Moscow Russia, the beautiful Mz. Rybakova has posed with wolves, baby black bears and full-grown brown bears during photo shoots of her cosplay work. Sometimes while wearing cosplays in the snow that expose quite a bit of her to the elements. Rybakova is a freelance photojournalist who originally studied children’s book illustration, who is also a self admitted travel geek. Her costumes, backgrounds, locations and attention to detail bring to her cosplays to life in a manner that many others fail to achieve.

While many others achieve results using digital enhancements and make up to create their images, the bulk of Rybakova’s work is based on using good photography of her costumes in order to create her images. And don’t think that the animals she appears with are stuffed or photo shopped.

Those are real animals she appears with, and while I’m sure she didn’t just chase them out of a forest and yell for the photographer to start shooting while she still had a head start; posing by yourself with animals that can easily injure you would be more than many people would have the stones to do.

You can follow Tina Rybakova on Facebook.


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