Gadget Review: The Black and Decker Auto Flex Vac

I like many in America have a love affair with my car. Since I was a kids I would spend hours on the weekend polishing and shining my ride giving attention to detail as I detailed my car to a pristine shine. However, one finishing touch has always been tedious and laborious. Vacuuming my car.

Options for vacuuming your car are few. You can spend a frustrating amount of time with a low powered hand held car vacuum. Some people drag extension cords and their household vacuum out to the driveway to get the job done. The third option is to drive across town and feed quarters into one of the machines at the car wash.

Black and Decker now have you covered with a 4th option. The Black and Decker Auto Flex Vac. This car vacuum is light weight and extremely powerful. It is exactly what I need to pull the winter road sand out of my car carpets. The Black and Decker Auto Flex Vac has a 16 foot 12 volt power cord. No more dragging extension cords out to the driveway this baby plugs right into your car lighter. Giving the Black and Decker Auto Flex even more reachability is the 4 foot flexible house that doubles as a handle when connected on the top of the unit.

The Black and Decker Auto Flex comes with two attachments. The first is a flip-up brush to shake loose that winter roads sand that gets embedded in our carpets. It also comes with a crevice device to help you get between the seats and other difficult to reach areas.

What I truly love about this vacuum is it conveniently fits in the trunk of my car. Anyone with kids knows if you don’t get right on top of the spills and messes your kids make in the car it spreads everywhere before you can address it. Now you can address those spilled snacks and chips before they travel between and under you’re your seats.

This product is backed by a 2-year limited warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship. You can learn more about the Black and Decker Auto Flex Vac on