Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony Fame is Arrested for Assault

Anthony Cumia continues to have problems.  Anthony was arrested and charged with strangulation, criminal mischief, unlawful imprisonment and assault. Yeah, that is a mouthful of charges. Dani Golightly daughter of The Stress Factory owner Vinnie Brand was the victim of the alleged assault, she posted the aftermath on social media video app Periscopie. Anthony Cumia can be seen in the video below and his behavior could be considered at the least bizarre.

Cops came and cuffed the embattled DJ at 11 a.m. in his home in the upscale hamlet of Roslyn Heights. After the arrest Cumia’s lawyer, Alan Schwartz, issued the statement “Mr. Cumia emphatically denies the allegations brought against him, and is optimistic that when the truth comes out, he will be exonerated,”.

Interesting they say that Anthony Cumia will be exonerated. The guy doesn’t have the best of luck. He lost one of the best DJ jobs in the country for acting like a racist jackass on the streets of NY. He also seems to be at odds will his ex-longtime partner and cohost Gregg “Opie” Hughes. On a recent Opie radio show a rare and heated conversation about Jim Norton’s loyalties to Anthony Cumia ended with Opie saying doesn’t trust Norton because of his relationship with Cumia. This prompted cohost Jim Norton to threaten to leave the show when his contract ends in October. It seems there is no love from Gregg “Opie” Hughes concerning his ex-partner.

One development on the Periscope video is interesting. At one point Dani Golightly refers to Anthony Cumia as a racist. Seeing she has intimate knowledge of the jock could she know a bit more about Anthony’s racist rants.

Twitter account of Dani Golightly @danigolightlyny has fallen quiet. Anthony Cumia’s Twitter account @AnthonyCumia is suspiciously silent also. Something tells me when this goes to court next month Dani Golightly won’t be so silent.

Cumia’s antics have caused his career to crumble. He was chased out of Boston, Fired in NYC, removed from XM radio and now forced to sell his wares on the internet like a homeless man on a corner with a tattered Starbucks cup. If Cumia’s internet subscribers are turned off by the shock jock’s latest antics that Starbucks cups might find itself very empty in the near future.