Babicz Full Contact Hardware Releases BFG Tele Bridge

Babicz and AP International are proud to announce the BFG Tele Humbucker bridge.  Designed in cooperation with Billy Gibbons, the BFG utilizes the patented Babicz “eCAM” saddle design and can string both from the back (à la BFG) or through the body of the guitar.  This production model represents the same bridge Billy is currently touring with.  According to the Reverend himself, “The Babicz is stabilizing intonation, and is no doubt maintaining accuracy throughout an evening’s thrashing, keeping exacting pitch all the while. Amazing. The Babicz design fundamentals make for a remarkable work indeed”.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware is designed to maximize and maintain consistent contact between the vibrating guitar string and the guitar/bass body. Most conventional guitar and bass bridges, especially after making adjustments for intonation and action, leave space between the saddle and bridge, which greatly reduces the sonic integrity of the string. With Babicz Full Contact Hardware, you can adjust your action as high or low as desired while maintaining maximum string transference to the body, for optimum tone, dynamic range, pitch stability and resonance.

See Babicz Full Contact Hardware at Winter NAMM 2016 in booth #4860 in Hall C.