Spiral Cats, Korean Cosplay Team

Originally founded in 2009, by team leader Tasha and former member Ren, the Spiral Cats have gone from being a group of video game employees (with interests in game and anime characters) to a professional team being hired by major game companies.

Blizzard Entertainment (developers of World of Warcraft), NCSOFT (developers of Guild Wars), Nexon (developer of Combat Arms), Neowiz Games (developer of Bless) Riot Games (developer of League of Legends) and a variety of smaller and mobile based game companies are part of the list of the companies who have hired the Spiral Cats for appearances.

Not just for characters of lesser-known titles, the Siral Cats have been hired to portray characters from Diablo II, League of Legends and Cabal II to name just a few.

For those not familiar with the games or companies, these are major revenue titles from big name developers. With on line gaming being worth billions in annual revenue, and known characters being a major draw for a great deal of merchandise sales, you can bet that game companies don’t just hire anyone.
Especially for flagship titles and characters.

Detailed (and character accurate) costumes, use of props, professional portraits, striking poses and their natural beauty are the big draws to the Spiral Cats cosplay work.

With fans and corporate interest in them world wide the Spiral Cats are known for their ability to accurately deliver cosplay after cosplay that draws fans to both them and the games they are hired to represent.

You can follow the Spiral Cats on Facebook or on their Official Website.