As Shameless Season 6 Returns, Let’s Recap Last Season’s Nudity

While there is plenty of sex and nudity on Showtime’s hit show Shameless no one gets more skin screen time than Emmy Rossum. Emmy Rossum plays eldest Gallagher sister Fiona, a sexually charged 20 something with the morals of a sailor on leave. While it is hard to find a moral compass with any of the charters. Fiona to put is gently is a huge slut, Emmy Rossum I am sure is a sweet person.

Any of the characters over the age of 18 seem to take a scroll across the screen nude at some point in the series. Today we are going to focus on some fan favorites. This brings us back to Emmy Rossum. It is rumored before getting the Shameless gig Emmy Rossum was broke and even considered porn as an alternative. So, I am guessing getting naked and getting plowed every week on TV is no big deal for her. Especially considering the payday.

Another fan favorite Mandy Milkovich has been played by two actresses. Jane Levy was the original Mandy Milkovich and reportedly left because of her desire to keep her clothes on. She was replaced in season two by Emma Greenwell who you can see in this video has no problem not only getting naked but participating in some aggressive bedroom action.

Nichole Bloom who plays eldest brother Lips sometimes girlfriend is yet another to show her boobs and butt on Shameless. This gallery of Nichole Bloom recaps some of her more intense sex romps with Lip. There is even a bit of Shanola Hampton and Emily Bergl mixed in the gallery.

Showtime subscribers can watch the Shameless season 6 premiere tonight with the SHO online service streaming for free. Folks that want to play catch up on past seasons are out of luck. Showtime does not add series to Netflix or other streaming services until the show has halted production. Here is the trailer for the season six premiere of Shameless. Click the picture below for more nude and topless shots of Emmy Rossum Shameless’ Fiona Gallagher.