An Icon of the Arts, We Remember David Bowie

While the list of days that have passed in 2016 is still short, the list of those we have lost in 2016 has become long; as today we mourn the loss of a legend with the announcement of David Bowie’s passing.

This sad news was confirmed by Bowie’s son (Duncan Jones) early Monday morning stating the Bowie passed ‘peacefully, surrounded by friends and family’; leaving behind a legacy that almost seemed to be the stuff of myth as one man moved through, and influenced, so many aspects of the arts.

Pharell Williams, fellow icon Paul McCartney, world leaders, actors and even NASA all made statements as the world expressed their sadness to the loss of David Bowie.

One man, who was not only relevant to one generation but to multiple generations as Bowie captivated fans the world over, again and again, with his music, art and style in a manner that was uniquely his own.

Some artists are safe for their fans as they have an idea of what to expect with each new release, but with Bowie the only safe bet was that whatever he did next it would unmistakably Bowie; as the man successfully reinvented his sound (and look) repeatedly throughout his career.

Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, Tin Machine, Pierrot, and The Outsider are few examples of how Bowie brought new ideas (and looks) to life through his music and sense of style.

Penning such classic songs as Changes, Space Oddity, Pretty Pink Rose, Suffragette City, The Man Who Sold the World, Ziggy Stardust, Lets Dance and Young Americans are just a few examples from Bowies career. (Although this list could be quite long, and still miss songs for which he will be remembered.) Fuelling these great songs was a list of guitar heroes that included noted players such as Mick Ronson, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Reeves Gabrels and the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughn, to name just a few.

Not only a talented musician, Bowie was equally gifted as a visual performer.

His characters, stage shows, music videos and movie performances brought Bowie to life in a manner which few other performers have managed to achieve. When David Bowie stepped in front of the camera, or a microphone, he drew the world’s attention.

And now today, sadly, that attention is drawn to the passing of this iconic figure; as a man who transcended being a music icon to an icon of the arts.

Image credit: David Bowie – The Thin White Duke By Iain Stone

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