Bridgestone Tires Puts on the Ultimate Skin Show

During a recent staff meeting Bridgestone Tire became the topic of conversation. I will not get into why we were talking about Bridgestone or the subject matter. However, this led us to the internet to discover the plethora of Bridgestone babes that are littered across the web.

Now we would never damn someone for posting half naked women on the internet. We do that on a daily basis. Here is the rub. When you hit at the top of our site it clearly says “Men’s Entertainment Devolved”. We have no qualms about who we are. Bridgestone Tire on the other hand tout themselves as a family friendly company. Bridgestone America has even rolled out The Bridgestone Americas, Inc. Teens Drive Smart program. I guess they are all about the safety of everyone in the family except our daughters. Sending half naked girls barely out of high school into a crowd of drunk race fans does not sound safe. If you have ever been to a NASCAR event you know what I am talking about.

The good people at Bridgestone Americas might say we are blowing this out of proportion, these girls are part of the pageantry. Well if the executives of Bridgestone Americas are willing to send their daughters into a crowd of drunk NASCAR fans in a bikini I might believe them.

But I digress, this is all about the skin and Bridgestone Americas knows how to deliver skin up just right. There is one thing noticed as a trend in the pictures below. Bridgestone Americas loves to get their logo across young women’s breasts. Even in the bikini shots, where there is almost no material Bridgestone Americas gets their logo in. I can’t figure out what they are branding here. Maybe Bridgestone Americas’ next endeavor is steel-belted breast implants.

This is where it gets really creepy. If you notice in a lot of the pictures Bridgestone Americas loves to get their logo as close to the model’s vagina as possible. Not only with the girl in the bikini, but also the yoga pants girl and the chick in white pleather. Maybe they are trying to draw parallels between the smoothness of their ride and the smoothness of lady parts? Nevertheless they are using some serious camel toe to get their brand name out there.

Now, some of you may say “nothing is more American than hot girls and cars” and I agree. The thing here is if Bridgestone Americas is going to put on a skin show they should be comfortable in their own skin. Don’t force feed us your family friendly narrative then serve up steaming hot babes. Tell it like it is. We do, we are comfortable in our skin.