What We Didn’t See at Casey Anthony’s Yard Sale

TMZ is reporting  Casey Anthony had a yard sale at her new West Palm Beach digs. Not the best way for the most hated Mom in America to keep a low profile. According to TMZ.comA woman in West Palm Beach tells us she was checking out bargains in the area when one caught her eye. She recognized Casey almost immediately and struck up a conversation. She described Casey as “cheery and normal.”.

Now we have seen Casey Anthony  cheery before but that is typically in partying pictures of her after a few cocks, sorry I mean cocktails. In the subject of partying pictures we were hoping her famous playing card bustier would be on up for grabs.

Perhaps the American flag she defiled by wrapping it around her naked body would be on the yard sale table, sadly no. Not even Casey Anthony’s stripper pole seemed to make it from the garage to the front yard.

The report did state there was a new dude with her helping at the yard sale. I would imagine a slutty bustier and a stripper pole would go a long way to keep her new dude around. So why a yard sale? People have yard sales for two reasons, they have too much clutter or need cash. I am guessing cash.

If Casey Anthony needs money it is a shame she didn’t take to offer to shoot a porn with Vivid Video when she had the chance. Vivid pulled the offer quickly after the offer was announced. If Casey Anthony doesn’t want to do nude film work she also got an offer from this site to do some bikini shots.

TMRZoo.com is still willing to offer Casey Anthony $100 cash, a gallon of milk and a pre-made submarine sandwich to do some bikini pics. Marketing has also told me they are still willing to throw in a TMRZoo.com tee shirt and a previously viewed blu-ray for Casey.

Casey call us if you want to make this happen. We can see in the pictures below you are not getting any younger. Let’s strike while the iron is hot.