Gentlemen’s Club Review: Babe’s NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

The Low Down
Babe’s NOLA’s New Orleans location is the original of the two clubs to bear the name, which I visited during the latest Gentlemen’s Club Expo in 2015. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both of these clubs; the newest one located close to me in Burlington, NJ.

As with all of my gentlemen’s clubs reviews, I’ve rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five stars being the best. Before we get started, I did have the chance to review quite a number of gentlemen’s clubs in New Orleans during my trip, and there are a few things you should be aware of before you head out to the Bourbon Street gentlemen’s club scene:

New Orleans Club Rule #1: Stick With The Name Brands!
While the name brand clubs, such as Penthouse, Hustler and Déjà Vu may be the more upscale and pricier options, the quality of your experience will usually be much better here than the little hole-in-the-wall clubs on Bourbon Street. The name brand club parent companies have put a ton of money into giving “Vegas-class style” to the older historic properties on Bourbon Street. Despite the name brand stigma, drink prices are usually the same and you can often still enjoy yourself on a conservative budget.

New Orleans Club Rule #2: Be Careful On Bourbon Street!
While this could be said for any gentlemen’s club, be careful of your surrounding on your way to, while on and leaving Bourbon Street. With a high crime rate and excessive outside drinking, Bourbon Street can get a little sketchy, especially in the evening, so it’s best not to wander around by yourself and arrange your transportation in advance.

Location & Facilities – 5 Stars
Babe’s NOLA is located right in the center of all of the action on Bourbon Street in the famous French Quarter of New Orleans. Traffic can be tricky so make sure to take a taxi, pedicab, Uber/Lyft or stay within walking distance for easy transportation to the clubs. Gentlemen’s clubs in New Orleans generally fall into one of two categories: ones that are new and updated (yay!) or ones that are mildly updated but are generally outdated (boo!). Babe’s NOLA has a gorgeous modern interior that rivals many of the upscale clubs on Bourbon Street. The three-story club features one large main stage and bar along with large flat screen TV on the first floor and cozier accommodations along with bottle service and a satellite pole on the second floor mezzanine level.

Staff – 5 Stars
As with many upscale clubs, I had an excellent experience interacting with the professional and friendly staff at Babe’s NOLA. From door attendant Nathan to Jamie, the manager who gave me a tour of the club, the staff worked hard to make sure everyone was accommodated during the busy shift at the club.

Food & Drink – 4.5 Stars
The only downside to the club (and this goes for all of the Bourbon Street gentlemen’s clubs) is that food isn’t served, but with all of the local dining options a few feet away on Bourbon Street this definitely isn’t a problem. The club has an excellent selection of domestic and imported beers as well as a fully-stocked bar; I paid $6.00 for a Malibu and pineapple; less expensive than you’ll find amongst many of the Bourbon Street restaurants and clubs.

Dancers – 4.5 Stars
While I was distracted by the pole dancer competition taking place during the event to admire the attractive dancers at Babe’s NOLA, I did enjoy Mariah, a sultry dancer with wild orchid hair.



Value – 4 Stars
The prices at Babe’s NOLA are equivalent or lower than what you’ll find in competing clubs in the area. Lap dances will set you back $40.00, while VIP rooms range from as low as $400.00 to up to $10,000.00.

Website & Social Media – 1 Star
I hate to give such a beautiful club such a horrible rating for their website, but the website homepage is split between navigation between the two clubs and Gentlemen’s Club Expo promotion. Each club page is dominated by a map of the club’s location without any social media links. It appears that their website is still under construction, and It would serve the club well to provide more information for proper trip planning for their future customers.

In Brief…
With a modern interior that would rival that of many Miami nightclubs, excellent customer service and a crowded house that showcased all that this club has to offer, Babe’s NOLA stands tall against its competition in the Bourbon Street gentlemen’s club scene.

Babe’s NOLA (New Orleans, LA)
433 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 552-2565
Hours: 11:00am to 2:00am Sun to Tue, to 3:00am Wed and Thu, to 6:00am Fri and Sat

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