Pitch Perfect Star Hailee Steinfeld Pitches the Perfect Nip Slip

I doubt the majority of this site’s readers are big fans of the Pitch Perfect series. However, you might recognize Hailee Steinfeld from her roles in True Grit or Ender’s Game. While it is easy to make fun of most of these Hollywood starlets, Hailee Steinfeld seems to be the real deal.

Hailee Steinfeld has some serious acting prop and is also a talented singer. The 19 year old actress also starred in Barely Lethal last year with Sam Jackson, Jessica Alba and believe it or not Steve-O. Barely Lethal does sound like a porn title but it was a cool indie flick that unfortunately like most cool movies went straight to OnDemand.

So lets get to the subject at hand. Hailee Steinfeld and her nipples. Seeing Hailee Steinfeld has never been nude on film this is the first peek at any of her lady parts. Hailee Steinfeld seems to be one of those celebs that is typically pretty good at protecting her privacy. The typical topless beach shots or drunk naked romps to not haunt this teen actress.

Still, this nipple shot could be the beginning of more to come. Now that Hailee Steinfeld’s nipples are popping out all over the internet maybe they will make an appearance in her next movie.

If you want to check out Hailee Steinfeld nip slip out of her little black bra see below. Be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here. Including pics from the famous fapathon.