Gentlemen’s Club Review: Blue Zebra (North Hollywood, CA)

The Low Down
Blue Zebra is part of the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club chain… get it? Not only is the name variation catchy, but the irony is that zebra’s aren’t blue and rhinos aren’t spearmint-ey. Okay, onto the club review! I visited Blue Zebra at around 10:30pm on a slow Tuesday night, during my recent trip out to L.A. to check out the 2016 XBIZ show. As with all of my gentlemen’s club reviews, I rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best possible score.

Unfortunately, my experiences in the L.A. Gentlemen’s Club scene have forced me to create two rules that you must follow…

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #1: More Nude, Less Booze… Less Nude, More Booze!
As per the law in Los Angeles, gentlemen’s clubs can’t go topless or nude if they serve alcohol. Blue Zebra, a fully nude club, doesn’t serve alcohol but does offer a limited non-alcoholic drink menu.

L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Rule #2: The L.A. Gentlemen’s Club Scene Sucks
There are a few gentlemen’s club gems to be found in and around the “City of Angels,” but they are few and hard to come by as many clubs don’t offer amenities to draw in the already existing base of tourists and locals. If you have the money and are looking for a gentlemen’s club experience with alcohol and full nudity, take the drive or fly to Las Vegas.

Location & Facilities – 4 Stars
The fully nude Blue Zebra is located about a mile east of SR 170 in North Hollywood, California. Not much surrounds the neighborhood that the club itself is in besides light industrial and residential housing, so you’ll definitely be making an out of the way trip to visit this club if you aren’t a local. This one-story club features one bar, one main stage and one caged-in stage (kinky!). The club floor itself is comprised of long couches and tables with little candles on each table, with private couch dance cubicles along the left-side wall. The one thing that did impress me with this club was the interior, a gorgeous brick and granite layout that’s very different than a traditional gentlemen’s club, which usually has either a corner bar or nightclub décor.

Staff – 4.5 Stars
While I didn’t converse much with the staff during my visit, everyone working at Blue Zebra was courteous and professional. I did enjoy chatting with the incredibly cute bartender Genesis during my time between dancers.

Dancers – 4 Stars
While the dancers at Blue Zebra, a mix of various ethnicities and ages, aren’t quite to the level of attractiveness as some of the nearby clubs, I did have an enjoyable time chatting and getting dances from, Zara, a South America beauty, as well as the smoking hot Melina.


Food & Drink – 3 Stars
There isn’t much to comment about the food and drink when there isn’t food and the soda and water selection is limited (and the Sprite or lemon-lime soda or whatever it was they served me was a little flat). Clubs where alcohol is prohibited can certainly use this as an opportunity to serve unique non-alcoholic drink options to its customers, which Blue Zebra should definitely consider doing.

Value – 3.5 Stars
Blue Zebra’s cover was $16 when I arrived, with the 1stdrink (non-alcoholic, mind you) included, Topless dances are $20 per song while fully nude dances are available for $30, and a 15-minute VIP will set you back $150. Be sure to check out the club’s website for a ½ off admission coupon.

Website & Social Media – 2 Stars
What, at first glance, appears to be a sophisticated gentlemen’s club website is actually a pretty poorly slapped together and incomplete site. With an empty feature dancer page, limited social media information and a few promotional images tossed in, this website needs a lot of work to have it not only current and modern, but also to compete with the high-end Spearmint Rhino name. Be sure to print out your ½ off pass and check out the Events and Club Info pages to get the necessary info to plan your trip and find out what specials are being offered on the night of your arrival.

In Brief…
While I may have been extremely critical in my review, I did have an enjoyable time at Blue Zebra, with its fun entertainers, competitive specials and eye-catching décor. The club does, however, function best as a “locals” club and one I wouldn’t recommend driving far out of your way to visit.

Blue Zebra (North Hollywood, CA)
6872 Farmdale Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 765-7739
Hours: 1:00p to 2:00a Sun to Thu, 1:00p to 4:00a Fri & Sat

C.J. Asher is a sex and adult entertainment blogger who has interviewed celebrities such as Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, owner, director, writer and actress Joanna Angel as well as a sugar baby advisor, burlesque dancer, feminist and many others. His blog,, also review gentlemen’s clubs nationwide and posts a weekly adult entertainment calendar highlighting adult film star appearances. Follow C.J. on Twitter @CJASHEROFFICIAL