Levi’s Stadium and AT&T Park in San Francisco Go 100% Vegan

In a move typical of San Francisco, the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium and AT&T Park home of the Giants are going vegan. For anyone living in the Bay Area, this comes as no big surprise. Director of Concessions for AT&T Park, Tanya Hammerstein told the San Francisco Chronicle “We are excited to bring these healthy alternatives to our fans. We will be introducing a lot of new tasty vegan options to our concession stands. Fan favorites like hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers will be replaced with soy alternatives. Besides, we are also introducing the best vegan protein powder on the market. We also have a line of veggies burgers coming in that people are going to love.”

Levi’s Stadium Director of Food and Beverages, Doug Graves told the Chronicle “This is a trend we have been watching for a while. More and more athletes especially football players are moving towards vegan diets.” When asked if anything from the old menus would remain, Graves chucked and said “The french fries will be the same, that’s about it. We found a pizza vendor that makes delicious pizzas with soy cheese. I had one with peppers and vegan sausage that was out of this world.”

San Francisco Health and Human Services spokesperson Victoria Benson-Cropper applauded the move to a healthier diet. “This change to a cruelty-free stadium reflects who we are as a community in San Francisco.” Benson-Cropper then added “This shows our children that we do not have to torture and slaughter an innocent animal to enjoy a day of baseball or football. Having a piece of fresh fruit or a soy dog will not change anyone’s game day experience. It does show our children we are committed to making the world a little bit better.”

Other stadiums and arenas across the country are looking to see how fans react to the change before making the switch to vegan. However, from what we understand that days of the all-beef hot dog are soon to be a thing of the past in ballparks across the nation.