The Body Paint Cosplay Work of Model Kay Pike

Over the past while of presenting different cosplayers we have seen many versions of different characters. The best cosplayers will usually draw from a wide variety of sources to present characters that they put their own spin on while staying true to the character, or do such an accurate version of the character that it’s as though that character walked right off a page or screen.

So what about a cosplayer who does both, in a style and approach all their own? Such is the work of Canadian cosplayer and model Kay Pike.

One of the most requested cosplayers on the circuit, Pike originally established herself with her quality cosplays and hoodies and soon began selling her creations to others. This quickly put Pike at the top of the game for cosplay supply. But that’s not entirely what drew public attention to her work.

Pike drew international attention to her cosplay when she began painting herself to look exactly how the characters appear in the comics where they come from. And I don’t mean just to look like the character, but to look as if she were a drawn character rather than a real person.

With some of her characters take up to 15 hours to do, Pike has received well-deserved praise for the various videos and images she has posted to the web.

You can follow Kay Pike on Facebook and Instagram, or order prints and products from her Online Store.

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