Miley’s Fling Stella Maxwell Gets Exposed

In an age where you can become more famous for who you hook up with than who you are Stella Maxwell definitely fits the bill. Though Stella Maxwell does have a bit of her own celebrity as a Victoria’s Secret model. It wasn’t until the 25-year-old British import was caught by the press playing tongue tag with Miley Cyrus that we knew her name.

Miley Cyrus told British ELLE Magazine she’s not in a serious relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell in a recent interview. However, she did not deny any intimate relationships with the runway walker.

Now, we have expanded the 16th minute of fame here many times before and it seems Stella Maxwell has taken some tips from the master Miley Cyrus. The16th minute of fame is when a celebrity feels they are not getting the media attention they deserve. Their fifteen minutes of fame is starting to flame out. This is the point where topless photos, nip slips and sex tapes start to get leaked to the press.

In the case of many actresses they typically will appear in a nude movie role, naked for the first time for all to see. These topless beach shots of Stella Maxwell definitely fit the bill. She is not going to “break the internet” like Kim Kardashian. However we are talking about her so I guess it worked.

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