Rosewill SP-7260 Speaker Review

Before we dive into this review, I wanted to specifically point out that I had it convinced in my mind that these were $200.  All of my assumptions on sound and construction quality were based off this imaginary price point, and even then I was blown away.  So let’s cut that price in half, state that this sells for only $99 on Newegg and Amazon, and go from there.  The SP-7260 speaker system is not the first speaker system from Rosewill, nor will it be the last, especially if they keep coming out like this.  This is a 2.0 channel (no sub) speaker system with 60 watts of RMS (continuous) power.  The frequency response is 60Hz-20KHz, and each moderately heavy wooden cabinet includes a 4″ woofer and 1.5″ tweeter.

So enough about specs, how does it sound?  Well, reading the specs may catch some eyes when it comes to frequency response.  That’s because 60Hz is not the lowest of lows, suggesting some deep bass may be missing.  This assumption is correct, in that hip hop and dubstep, or anything with a low bass track will be a little less pronounced on a system like this.  Where this system shines (and it REALLY shines) is the mids and highs.  It’s literally mind boggling on how a brand not known for extreme fidelity audio components produced such a high quality sounding speaker system for such a low price.  Sure the cabinets are large (requiring lots of desk space), but the price is amazing and I can say that you won’t find anything more clear for anything close to the cost of these.  The output can get fairly loud but expect some distortion when reaching maximum volumes.  Regardless, I listened to countless genres trying to find any faults or weakness with audio production and I couldn’t.  The only real weakness is the lack of low frequency response (deep hip-hop/jazz type frequencies), which I knew going in, so with that aside everything else blew me away.  Even compared to my much more expensive Harmon Kardon Soundsticks system for the PC, there was just no faulting these speakers for clarity and sound reproduction.  Everything sounded the way it should, which is super important if you listen to a variety of content.

The system is fed via two RCA connectors located in the rear of the right speaker.  The right speaker also houses the built in power converter, volume/treble/bass adjustment knobs, power switch, and aux in/headphone out jacks (1/8″ or 3.5mm).  The left speaker simply connects to the right one using a proprietary cable.  I do love the fact that the SP-7260s have the power supply built into the speaker itself.  This allows us to preserve a clean desk setup, with no unsightly power block lying around.  The box also comes with cables for connecting both your PC and mobile device into it simultaneously. Everything is very straightforward, with no DSP to deal with.  Just turn it on, plug it in, and turn the knobs to your liking.  These things are MASSIVE.  Please plan out adequate desk space before assuming they’ll fit with no problems.  Overall it all came together easily and I was up and running in only a couple of minutes.  Compared to my current speaker system, these will now be the new primary audio source for my Office.  These speakers are simply in a class of their own.  I only wish you could all drive to a store and try them out for yourselves, that way you knew what to expect.  Without that being an option, I can only say that if you’re willing to forgo a little bit of low end bass, then don’t waste your money on a more expensive set.  These speakers are THE ones to have right now, as long as it fits on your desk and you have $100 to spare.

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