Sarah Hyland Downblouse Peek In Low Cut Sundress

It seems like Julie Bowen is the only member of the Modern Family cast that does not suffer wardrobe malfunctions. With the paparazzi ready to strike at any moment you would think these young actresses would have their clothing set before leaving the house. The subject of today’s peeking nipple is Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland.

Sarah Hyland has done a pretty good job of protecting her brand. She has not done any topless or nude film work yet and is pretty good at keeping the press away when she is at the beach. Here on-screen sister Ariel Winter seems to have a bikini shot in the news every other week. We won’t go into the treasure trove of naked and topless pictures we have documented on this site of Sofia Vergara.

So, Sarah Hyland comes to you on the pages of today with this ever so slight nip slip, more of an areola slip as she goes braless in this plunging sundress. She had to know a breast was going to go flying I this getup, but she doesn’t seem to care. I am sure her character Haley Dunphy would not care about flashing a bit of skin. I am a bit surprised the writers of the show haven’t put Haley Dunphy on the pole yet as Japanese businessmen shove singles in her panties. Alas, this is about Sarah Hyland not her fictional character.

If you want to check out Sarah Hyland’s areola, peek as she is strolling down the street, see below. Be sure also to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions.