Ah! Comics Announces Moonshot 2

Last year we talked about (and promoted) the AH! Comics title Moonshot Vol.1.

This was a collection of native stories, by native comic artists, which did extremely well when it was released. Helmed by editor Hope Nicholson, AH! Comics collected (and delivered) an incredible title that was as beautiful to look through as it was to read.

Leading up to the actual release date AH! Comics editor-in-chief Andy Stanleigh stated that he had hopes they would be able to produce Moonshot as a series; and true to his word it looks like they are going to do just that.

Recently announced by AH! Comics is Moonshot Vol.2.

With Hope Nicholson back at the helm to the next part of this series, Moonshot Vol 2 is moving full steam ahead.

Anyone familiar with AH! Comics knows that this is a team who consistently produce quality work, so already there are high expectations for Vol.2 to be every bit as good as everything else offered in the AH! Comics library.

At this point Moonshot Vol.2 is still in the midst of its Kickstarter campaign, which you can help fund through this link.

As with Vol.1 we will keep you updated as the title develops.

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