Review: Smartwool Base Layers Will Be a Fan Favorite for Tailgaters This Year

All of us here at have kicked in to full on NFL football mode. For us hardcore fans this means it is time to dust off the tailgating gear and prepare for 4 – 5 months of Sundays eating and drinking in the frozen parking lots of America’s stadiums.

The challenge as the temperatures drop is wearing enough layers to keep warm without looking like the Michelin man. For years my base layer would be a pair of old sweat pants or some longjohns. The issues in going this route is, sweats are too bulky, and I have found the quality of store-brand long johns to be sub-par. In some cases, I am better off not wearing them at all. So, this year I decided to up my game.

This year as I am tailgating, hiking and shoveling feet of snow I will be wearing a Smartwool base layer. The Smartwool base layer is almost like wearing multiple layers at once. The layer next to your skin is incredibly soft and comfortable. The Smartwool layer naturally regulates your temperature and wicks the sweat away from your body. The great thing about the Smartwool base layers is they are incredibly comfortable and non-restrictive.

As I am wearing this base layer in the stands of the stadium, I am sure there will be players on the field taking advantage of this technology. As I said, the Smartwool base layer is not restricting, and they have very flat seams for added comfort. The great thing is not are they perfect for outdoor activities; I also will be wearing them for business.

Being a salesman, I find myself in various frozen parts of the country for business. No one has yet to design a pair of men’s dress pants or a suit that will successfully fight off the winter winds of Chicago or Buffalo. The Smartwool will layer up under my business clothes nicely and will allow me to regulate my temperature when I do get indoors to my customer’s offices. Seeing I will be spending so much time in these great leggings I think another pair or two are definitely on my shopping list.

You can find out more about all of SmartWool’s products on their website where they have a helpful store locator, Twitter, FaceBook, or their YouTube channel.