Caitlin Stasey Topless in the Kitchen on Instagram

Caitlin Stasey is an Australian actress who is well known for her role as Rachel Kinski in Neighbours. This is the second time in a few months we have seen an actor from Neighbours topless. Recently found pictures of Greek goddess Olympia Valance who plays Paige Smith changing on set topless. Now the even hotter Caitlin Stasey bares all on these pictures on Instagram.

Now these are not the first nude photos of Caitlin Stasey to hit the web. Caitlin Stasey has been posting naked pictures to her social media for quite a while. However, just because they are not the first look doesn’t mean they are not a good look. As you can see in the photos the smokeshow from Victoria has a killer body.

These pictures of Caitlin Stasey are almost making me want to watch Neighbours. After a quick peek of the show on YouTube maybe I will rethink that. From what I can tell outside of a couple of hot young actresses the show is mostly wrinkled Australian people and full of mediocre acting.

Still, the show is smart enough to cast Caitlin Stasey and Olympia Valance, so someone over there in casting is doing something right. If you want to check out Caitlin Stasey topless in the kitchen on Instagram, see below. Be sure also to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions.