Gentlemen’s Club Review: The Lido Room (New York, NY)

The Low Down
What do you call a gentlemen’s club that isn’t a gentlemen’s club…? When it isn’t one particular “club,” or even a club at all! Confused? Let me explain. The Lido Room is a private gentlemen’s club in Manhattan that rotates venues nightly. One night you could be in an upscale restaurant (as was the case during my visit), the next night in a lounge and the next in a nightclub. What The Lido Room lacks in pole dancing, stages and champagne courts, it more than makes up for with its selection of beautiful dancers. My buddy and I arrived at The Lido Room at around 10:00pm on a Thursday evening and, as with all of my gentlemen’s club reviews, I rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best possible score.

Location & Facilities – 3 Stars
The Lido Room prides itself on hosting private, invitation-only lap dance parties at some very upscale Manhattan venues. I first learned about The Lido Room while searching online for Manhattan’s gentlemen’s clubs for a trip I was taking up to The Big Apple, and found that applying for an invitation was as easy as emailing the club and providing basic information about your age and occupation. Once approved, you’ll receive weekly emails and texts as to the schedule. Upon arrival, you must present your VIP invitation – either printed or on your smartphone – or your VIP membership card. As for the venue that I attended, The Lido Room’s biggest strength and biggest weakness is that their venues aren’t laid out as traditional gentlemen’s clubs are, so the focus is split between conversing with the dancers in the bar area and spending time with them in the lap dance area, which gets extremely crowded and offers little privacy. Also, despite their best efforts, the exposed kitchen area and stacks of pizza boxes only drove home the point that we weren’t in a traditional gentlemen’s club. Still, The Lido Room did the best with this venue, closing off the lap dance area, windows and other parts with large partitions for privacy. As for the customers, they tend to be a bit more upscale and wealthy, such as you’d find at a big-chain club such as Penthouse or Sapphire.

Staff – 4 Stars
While I didn’t interact with much of the staff during my visit, I found everyone to be professional and courteous. My only real issue with the staff – besides not providing a more spacious and private lap dance area – was their patrolling of the lap dance area. Their presence, while necessary to make sure that the dancers and customers were behaving themselves as well as directing traffic to open couch spots, made the atmosphere even less sensual and relaxing as the feeling of being watched by the staff wasn’t exactly comforting.

Food & Drink – 3 Stars
Maybe I had higher expectations, considering the $40.00 cover to get in, but I found the drinks to be overpriced and the food to be average, at best. First, the drinks. While the bar was well-stocked, a Malibu and pineapple set me back $18.00 and lagers cost $12.00 each. Probably average for New York City, but rather high in my opinon. As for the food, the complimentary so-called “gourmet” buffet of Caesar salad, chicken parmesan and pasta had the quality level of something you’d expect at a family cookout or community fundraiser.

Dancers – 5 Stars
Wow, wow and WOW! Where The Lido Room underwhelms in most other areas, the dozens of young, multi-ethnic ladies that were on-duty that night were stunning, to say the least! While the dancers – despite a pretty even ratio of dancers to customers – hustle slightly more than average, I have to say that my time spent with Yana, Dia and Bella certainly made this trip worthwhile.



Value – 3 Stars
While bars, restaurants and nightclubs in New York City may be some of the most expensive anywhere, I found the $40.00 cover charge to be rather overpriced, especially considering the less-than-stellar buffet spread and crowded lap dance environment. The $20 cash per song lap dances are, by far, the best value of this club.

Website & Social Media – 3 Stars
Although lacking in non-stock image pictures – as one would expect from a private, members-only club – offers all of the basic information about membership and what to expect as a guest, as well as links to their Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages… which offer little besides club venues for that day and reviews about the club.

In Brief…
If you’re looking for a gentlemen’s club experience that feels more like an upscale private party with a guaranteed selection of beautiful women – but don’t mind a crowded club atmosphere or high drink prices – The Lido Room is the club for you.

The Lido Room (New York, NY)
Various Locations in Manhattan, New York, NY
Telephone: (212) 726-2919
Hours: Times Vary by Day and Location

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