Free NFL Picks and Week 17 Regular Season Finale Predictions – 2016

And here we have it, the regular season finale. With a few exceptions, most of the teams in the NFL in 2016 have been mediocre or less. Most of the divisions were finally clinched after week 15 with only the NFC North and AFC West needing the final week to declare a winner.

Our ‘Beat the House’ football pool will also need the final week in order to decide who will be going to the playoffs and who will be watching. Only 5 correct picks separate 10th place (the cutoff for the playoffs) from 20th place. Anything can happen in this final week and it is always a bitch to pick due to the NFL teams resting players are just mailing it in for the season. On to the 2016 regular season finale free NFL picks and week 17 expert predictions…

Our experts are calling the two open divisions mentioned above for the Packers and the Raiders. Currently, the Lions and Packers are tied at 9-6 and they are playing each other in week 17, so no tie-breakers are necessarily… well, unless the game ends in a tie. Oakland holds a one-game lead over Kansas City, but our experts are picking both of them to win their respective contests. If Oakland loses, however, and Kansas City wins, the tie-breaker goes to the Chiefs.

The Vegas spreads agree with our experts on the Packers, favoring them by 3.5, but not on Oakland, who they has as a 1.5 underdog heading into Denver.


You can review the other week 17 NFL picks by clicking the link above. You will also have the opportunity to enter your own picks in our “Beat the House” contest which could earn you a chance to win a YETI Tundra 45 cooler. This is an insanely-durable 45 quart cooler that will come filled to the rim with Yeti and TMRZoo swag as well as other gear and prizes, such as movies, that we collect throughout the NFL Season.

All of the games in week 17 are being played on Sunday, New Years Day, so all of your picks are due by the start of the first set of games. Don’t lose out becuase your picks were not submitted in time!

To all of our contestants and readers, have a very happy and safe holiday season!