The Dark and Beautiful Cosplay of Elisanth

Lets start the New Year off by taking a look at the cosplay work of the lovely alternative model Elisanth.

While mainly recognized as a very talented model, Elisanth enjoys portraying characters from various movies and video games.

Particularly the ones with darker images, which Elisanth says (through her media) is an art style which she is very fond of.

Although her primary work is in modeling, (having graced the covers of numerous magazines) Elisanths work in cosplay is very impressive. Her details to costume, make-up, posing, backgrounds, and use of professional photography, make for cosplay images that are as impressive to look at as she is.

Despite her impressive resume and wide (professional) portfolio, Elisanth does not distance herself from her fans. Throughout her array of social media she responds frequently to comments and is very gracious with compliments that fans pay her. In fact she recently advertised (through her DeviantArt page) that she would autograph her 2017 calendars for fans who sent them to her.

Those calendars sold out very quickly, so if you weren’t fortunate enough to have already ordered one you will have to hope for another printing or wait until next year when Elisanth’s 2018 calendars are released.

You can follow Elisnath through her Facebook Page, Official Website or order products through her Online Storenvy.


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