The Cosplay of Internet Personality Meg Turney

Once named one of the ’25 Hottest YouTubers’ by Playboy magazine, and listed as one of the 100 Sexiest Women Alive by FHM Magazine, is cosplayer Meg Turney.

The 29-year-old Texan is no stranger to fan and media attention that she draws from her cosplay, as Meg Turney is also known for her time hosting various web shows. Shows such as the award winning (CraveOnLine) show TechKnow, and RoosterTeeth’s The Know; as well as her own personal YouTube and Twitch channels; and appearances on a variety of shows have put Turney in the public eye.

Her personality (plus genuine love of gamer/geek culture) goes beyond her on-air appearances and carries over into her cosplay work, bringing an added dimension to the characters she portrays; from a wide range of genres.

While Turney does pay attention to detail and accuracy in her cosplays, she also has fun with it; playing with some of the characters to give them a personal spin, while keeping the look recognizable and having fun in her photoshoots; which are done by professional photographers.

While sharing the images (from photoshoots and appearances) Turney keeps fans up to date on her work through various social media, where she frequently interacts with fans through responses to comments and posts; as well as posting videos and pictures of herself having fun.

This adds a depth to her overall public personality and helps fans feel a connection to Turney and her work.

You can follow Meg Turney on Facebook, Twitter, as well as buy her calendrers or prints through her StoreEnvy; or watch her online via her YouTube and Twitch channels.


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