Lexus and The Boston Red Sox Strike Out Hunger

Recently I got a chance to cheer for the Red Sox in a way I have never cheered at Fenway in my decades as a fan. The Red Sox delivered 11 strikeouts to the Baltimore Orioles during the outing. For each and every strikeout that evening and the remainder of the season, Lexus is donating $50 to the Strike Out Hunger program.

The Greater Boston Food Bank will be the recipient of this generosity from Lexus. Those of you in the Boston area are most likely aware of the impact this organization makes in the Greater Boston Area. The Greater Boston Food Bank teaches people how to support a healthy lifestyle. They have programs in schools across Boston helping children receive free and reduced-priced meals.

Recently Lexus dropped off 1,312 pounds of food to the Greater Boston Food Bank, leading to 1,093 meals provided. This is a drop in the bucket when you consider Lexus has donated over 70-thousand meals to date.

There are many ways fans of the Rex Sox and Lexus can get involved. You can support the cause on social media using #LexusSOH, and you can tag @Lexus on Twitter and @LexusUSA on Instagram. Interested parties can also donate directly to the Boston Food Bank.

Fans can also track Lexus’ donations throughout the season on There are a live ticker tying strikeouts to donations, so you don’t have to do the math. So, for every strikeout, you cheer for this year keep in mind many families just got fed as that opposing batter is heading towards the dugout with a scowl on his face.