Boston Calling Brings The Greatest Show on Earth to Allston

This past Memorial Day weekend, all roads lead to Boston as the sights and sounds of the east’s greatest music festival drew nearly 130,000 people over the course of the three day event. Now on their fourth year and seventh festival, Boston Calling made some very flashy upgrades to ring in the new era of the festival, which now takes place at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, MA– just a hop skip and a jump from its previous location in Government Center. With the best and most notable line-up, food options, and beer selection to date, you had to have had a pretty good excuse not to have been in attendance.

The addition of a new, much larger, stage helped attract some pretty big names this year such as Tool, Mumford & Sons, and Chance the Rapper who closed each day performing for the ocean of people that gathered before it. Other recognizable acts such as Weezer, Cage the Elephant, Major Lazer, and Bon Iver gave the performances of their lives on the other two stages on the grounds. There was never a shortage of people, there was never a shortage of music. The good times kept on rolling which most certainly made attendees hungry for more than just good tunes. Luckily for them, Boston Calling brought some world class food vendors to the event to ensure everyone stayed well fed.

As a tradition, Tasty Burger was serving up fresh, juicy patties left and right and they hit the spot after hours of non-stop dancing. I was also lucky enough to visit The Smoke Shop booth and indulge in the culinary creation of an entire BBQ meal (complete with juicy brisket!) stuffed into a sweet waffle cone. If that doesn’t scream festival food, I’m not sure what will. But of course, any of those meals weren’t complete without a classic and cold, Sam Adams beer to wash it all down. It was the cherry on top, hands down.

The festival managed to keep a light-hearted atmosphere all while still being incredibly secure. Boston Police and all event staff did an amazing job this weekend making sure everyone was safe and able to enjoy everything without worry. Everyone involved in planning and organizing this year’s event deserves a round of applause. I know I will be waiting eagerly for what Boston Calling has in store for 2018.