Bella Thorne Finally Reveals Her Boobs in Public

Another day another topless Disney Princess. I will tell you that company knows how to churn out the nude actresses. Annabella Avery Thorne better knows as Bella Thorn wore this completely see-through top while out on the streets the other night. Now there is a big difference between a see-through top and being topless, but in this case, I would say Bella Thorn was topless.

If this is any indication she is getting ready to goo the route of her Disney contemporaries. Bella played CeCe Jones on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. It looks like she is ready to shake thinks up a bit like her contemporary Miley Cyrus.

We have been watching starlets for a while here at; we know the path this takes. Now that Bella Thorn’s topless card has been punched get ready to see her nude in every project she does. Within six months you will log into the internet and say, ok I guess Bella Thorn is naked again.

When is the last time someone ran to a computer to see Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian naked? These celebrities hit us with nude overkill to the point we know their bodies better than we know our own. At that point, we get board with them.

If you would like to see the unedited and uncensored photo of Bella Thorne finally revealing her boobs in public, you can click on the picture below. Be sure also to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos, and wardrobe malfunctions.