The Cosplay of Standesu

Hailing from Russia is cosplayer Standesu, while new in comparison to other more established artists she has already begun to gain widespread notice; particularly her Prison School: Meiko Shiraki cosplay which lit up Reddit and 9GaG when the images were uploaded by the photographer (Michael W Photo) and fans.

Although the Russian student is no stranger to giving her cosplays a sexy look Standesu has yet to fully establish herself on social media, which (given her studies) is not too surprising.

While her existing social media is light on details, Standesu has so far produced many quality cosplays and shows a sense of humour in what she has produced on social media so far.
Her Instagram account is under the name ‘A is for Average’ and her responses to comments of pictures show a light-hearted approach.

Whether or not Standesu chooses to develop her cosplay as other established cosplayers have done or just keeps it as a fun pastime her work so far is being enjoyed by fans all over the world.

You can follow Standesu on Facebook and Instagram.


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