DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick: The Ultimate NFL Streaming Experience

We are in the second quarter of the NFL season. We are starting to see who the teams truly are. Strengths and weaknesses are being exposed as they are this 2017 NFL season has unveiled many surprises. The one constant in my NFL experience is DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket and may I say how pleasantly surprised I am at how much better this service gets every year.

Over the years I have used DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket on tablets, laptops and even my cell phone. This year I am experiencing a new (for me) way to experience this service. This season I have been using the streaming service with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Stick is a HDMI dongle that plugs into any HDMI compatible television. While the remote and dongle are small enough to carry in your jeans pocket, they pack quite a punch.

Using the Fire TV Stick, I can take DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket where ever I go. As I type this, I am in a hotel outside the Miami Dolphin’s market getting ready for the matchup with the Tennessee Titans. As I wait for the game to begin, I am able to watch Terry, Howie and the boys on FOX Sports. After the Dolphins game, I will be heading across town with my Fire TV Stick to watch the Ravens vs Raiders at my friend’s house.  I merely need to plug the stick in his TV connect to wifi, and we are ready to go.

Game time is just as special with this app. I have been using DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket all season. I have experienced stunning HD picture quality every Sunday, and I am yet to see my picture freeze or buffer. The great thing about this service is you do not have to be a DIRECTV subscriber to enjoy it. DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket is available on an ala carte service to stream on almost any wifi enabled device. If you are not convinced how good this service is based on my experience sign up for DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket’s 7-days free trial and see for yourself.

I do have to add this side note. As I write this review, I am watching the Miami Dolphins vs. Tennessee Titans game. Even in stunning HD my Miami Dolphins still do not look good. However, being a diehard fan, I appreciate being able to watch my team 1500 miles away in New Hampshire.

I will be touching on the rest of DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket’s features throughout the 2017 NFL season. For now I will leave you with a clip from  “The Commish”.  “The Commish” is an eight-part series of video shorts, which airs on FOX NFL Sunday every week, highlights Peyton’s ongoing partnership with DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET. For updates each week from Peyton, follow DIRECTV, #TheCommish or #NFLSUNDAYTICKET.  also gives fans teasers of “The Commish” series, a Fantasy Football profile generator and more.