DIRECTV Sunday Ticket Puts You In Control of Every Playoff Scenario

I love this time of year. The playoff scenarios are rolling in and while it makes sense to make predictions for some teams other are ridiculous. Take my Dolphins for example. I think they can make the playoffs if the Bills and Patriots tie, Steelers lose, Howie Long wears a green tie, Ed Hochuli does six pushups, and Roger Goodell eats a Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Cream donut on live TV. So I would say they are in pretty sad shape.

As a fan of the NFL, I am in pretty good shape with DIRECTV Sunday Ticket. As these playoff scenarios unfold, I can switch to out of market games that could have playoff scenarios for my home team. Including the ability to watch the FOX NFL pregame show to see if Howie Long wears that green tie.

Sadly, I have to admit my playoff dreams are pretty much gone and my NFL interests have shifted to my Fantasy Football team. This is where DIRECTV Sunday Ticket shines. I can watch all of my favourite NFC and AFC Fantasy Football starter’s games in their entirety. Having the ability to switch over to NFL Redzone is also a great option.  RedZone provides “whip around” the league as teams are in scoring position. Think of it as watching the NFL highlights of the day but in real-time as the action is unfolding.

I can also use Game Mix to watch the NFL action. Game Mix allows me to watch up to four out-of-market NFL games simultaneously. I have all of my Playoff scenarios or favourite fantasy player on one screen. In some ways, it is like having a high-end sport’s bar in my own house. I also have the ability to put REDZONE and FANTASY ZONE on my personalised custom mix of games.

If you are a serious fan of the NFL season, do not this year fade away without giving this fantastic service a try. If you want to get more information on DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket immediately, I suggest you check out their homepageTwitterFacebook or YouTube pages.