“The Booty Bible” Author Alicia Marie’s Cosplay

For any who feel attractive women only got into comics (and gaming in recent years to be part of the growing trend, they have yet to meet our current feature; gamer, comic enthusiast, author and fitness model/guru – Alicia Marie.

Originally inspired by reading through her cousin’s comics one summer, Alicia Marie decided (at a young age) that she wanted to be like the women she saw in those comics.
She even joked in one interview that her original motivation was to look like Mz. Marvel.

From that point Alicia Marie turned to physical fitness and exercise to mold her body towards this goal, although she does admit that it was also (in part) to see how far she could push herself.

Her hard work paid off as she has been featured on MTV and numerous magazines including Self, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Essence and Oxygen (who she writes a regular column for), to name a few.

A successful author, her book ‘The Booty Bible’ not only gained a lot of attention, it further aided putting Alicia Marie on the fitness map.

Not only has she studied broadcast journalism and neuroscience, Alicia Marie is also an avid gamer; even including a section dedicated to gaming on her website.

To learn more about Alica Marie you can visit her official website at http://aliciamarie.com/cosplay/.

You can also follow Alicia Marie on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and interact with her on one of her many Facebook Live sessions.



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