Billy Mitchell, “King of Kong” Star Stripped of High Scores, Banned from Competition

After 11 years, VGRT Gaming Podcast, nee “Technical Diversions (TD) Gaming Podcast”, has hit the magic 500th episode, with not only former co-host Paul Nowak joining in on the celebration, but 2Old2Play’s Derek Nolan and former co-host Dan Quick sending their congrats as well. Paul’s presence is the go-ahead to give TJ and Scott permission to razz Jonah to no end, while Parker Brother board games are compared. This week’s Gaming Flashback is World of Goo.

The news for this magical 500th episode includes:

“King of Kong” star stripped of high scores, banned from competition
Croteam and Devolver promise a “brutally bigger” new Serious Sam
SNK teasing its own classic compilation console
Nintendo overhauls parental control app for Switch

The question of the Week: “If you were a classic Parker Brothers board game, which would you be?”

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