Sarah Hyland Nipple Slip at the iHeartRadio Awards 2018

What is probably the least flattering picture of Sarah Hyland ever would probably be forgotten if her nipple did not force its way into the photo. It seems Sarah Hyland’s baby feeders photo-bombed the Modern Family actress at the I Heart Radio Awards. It is not as if this chick has massive mammaries that are hard to manage. I would think she could keep her little B-cups under control.

I can understand when her Modern Family co-stars Sofia Vergara and Ariel Winter has trouble harnessing their heaving sweater meat. It seems like everyone on that show with the exception of Julie Bowen has a problem managing their hooters. Still, I would think Sarah Hyland could tame her tiny breasts.

It makes you think is Sarah Hyland giving us a preview of her post-Modern Family life. Like Lisa Bonnet, Dana Plato and many sitcom princesses before her is she now bound for the world of softcore porn and endless nude scenes? I have the feeling Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter will be topless within a year of the Modern Family series finale.

If Sarah Hyland is going to whip those little breasts out on film I would suggest she visit one of the famous Hollywood doctors that can turn those B cups into a set of Cs or maybe Ds. If she is really ambitious she can upgrade to a set of Stormy Daniels double Ds.

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