Cosplay Cutie of the Week: Beke Cosplay

Let’s be honest that we love seeing beautiful ladies in cosplay.

Over the past several years of presenting cosplayers from around the world, I’ve yet to hear one person say “Eww, yuck – no! We also have a thing for a lovely lady with an accent, I (personally) couldn’t tell you why; but, we do.

Now keeping that in mind I would like to present the work of Beke Cosplay.

Hailing from Queensland Australia this self-professed anime and games lover is also a top-notch cosplayer who portrays a wide variety of well-known comic book characters such as Black Cat, Vampirella and Poison Ivy (to name a few) to anime and video game characters; and her own spin on the pop culture entertainment by combining boudoir comic book imagery.

If seeing the lovely Aussie in costume wasn’t enough, Beke Cosplay also does lingerie, ‘Lewd’ and Implied Nude images and series.

Beke Cosplay’s images are sexy, well shot (and posed) all done by photographers; rather than just cell phone pics of her standing in front of a mirror.

While she maintains a strong web presence, Beke Cosplay also makes the rounds of various conventions that she keeps fans updated about through her social media.

You can follow Beke Cosplay on Instagram and Facebook, shop for prints through her Storevny or support her through her Patreon.



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