Star Trek Hottie Blanca Blanco has a Nip Slip at the Beach

To go boldly where no bathing suit has gone before. Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time starlet Blanca Blanco had a bit of trouble with her bikini at the beach. What makes this interesting is with all of the Star Trek series, spin-offs and movies this is the first time I can think of actually seeing a nipple or breast from the franchise.

Sure there is enough fan-generated Photoshop of the babes of Star Trek to fill the AWS hard drives. Most of it teetering on the bizarre and strange. This, however, is a Star Fleet nipple caught in the wild, au natural. Not a holodeck fantasy but the real deal naked boob.

Now the interesting thing about this wardrobe malfunction is there are 20 – 30 photos of this boob floating around the web. Even more interesting is these pics are from a professional photo shoot. It seems like the 37-year-old actress is trying to drum up a bit of publicity with her baby feeders.

So with the upcoming season of Star Trek Discovery on the way and a new Patrick Stewart series on the way, I wonder if we are going to see a bit more Star Trek flesh. There are plenty of Star Trek The Next Generation stars that could use a payday. Maybe we will be seeing Marina Sirtis hitting us with an upskirt shot or Gates McFadden wiping out the 70-year old sweater meat. I know she is a minor character but Michelle Forbes who played Ro Laren did a nude scene in Berlin Station a couple of years ago. She seems primed to give us another look at the goods.

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