Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone BV-25M Speaker

Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone BV-25M Speaker

The BV-25M is what I’m starting with as I check out the Mojotone Slammins 2×12 cab.  This pair of speakers sound broken in and ready to go at the onset of pummeling riffs I lay into it.

I’m really liking the BV-25M speakers.  I run them by themselves in the Slammins, and I also run another line to my other cabs.  We will cover how the BV-25M mixes with other speakers in a minute.  Mojotone advertises these as being similar to early 70s Greenback.  Based on the 25W power rating, you think you’re looking at the Classic Series G12M.  I’m going to submit you are also scary close enough to the Heritage Series G12M, which puts you deep into “brown” territory.

Lows are controlled, yet warm.  Mids are punchy.  The highs have some pleasantly voiced bite.  Excellent tonal range and presence.  If you listen to any music from over the past 50 years, you are familiar with what the BV-25M places a focus on doing.

How does the BV-25M pair up with other speakers?  The other cabs are loaded with Peavey Sheffields (think 5150s or G12 EVH), G12-65s and G12T-75s.  Any combination of cabs works exceptionally well.  The BV-25M sort of fills in the 65s, smooths out the 75s, and matchs up with the Sheffields.

Going through the many options for the BV-25M, it’s an excellent option for hard rock, blues rock, jazz fusion/blues, punk, alt rock/metal, industrial/alternative rock/metal, heavy metal, glam metal.

BV-25M Specs
Speaker Size:  12″
Voice Coil:  1.75″
Magnet:  37 oz Ceramic
Power Handling:  25 W
Resonance:  77 Hz
Sensitivity:  97 dB

The Mojotone BV-25M gets a big thumbs up.  They’ll be staying in the arsenal for certain and I’m looking forward to seeing how the continue to interact with different speaker/cab scenarios.  I have every reason to believe that anyone looking for this type of a sound would be thoroughly pleased.

For reference, this evaluation was conducted with a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+ through a Carvin DCM200Lpower amp.

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