Food Review: BurgerIM has Keto Hamburgers Unless They Don’t

My suggestion skip Burgerim all together until they have they're act together

Back in Oct 2019, we heard about BurgerIM launching a Keto Burger. Keto and diet fans were wondering what kind of witchcraft was going on in the burger world.  

We are living in a world of meatless Whoppers. That alone is enough to explode the heads of the Greatest Generation. But now a keto burger is on the make, I got to try this out. My boomer head is ready to explode. Because I’m an enthusiast !

Embracing the culinary marvels of the 21st century feels like riding a gastronomic rollercoaster, especially for enthusiasts like us who are always ready for the next thrilling flavor adventure. In a world where innovation knows no bounds, the discovery of the keto burger from BurgerIM was nothing short of a revelation. With meatless Whoppers and keto delights becoming the norm, the food landscape has evolved into an enticing blend of tradition and innovation. Every bite becomes a journey, each meal a story waiting to be savored, much like the exciting escapades we embark on while traveling.

Exploring different cuisines around the globe, experiencing the diverse textures and flavors, is akin to discovering hidden treasures, and it’s these culinary discoveries that make our journeys truly unforgettable. And for fellow enthusiasts seeking culinary inspirations during their travels, becomes a guiding star, illuminating the path to delectable delights in every corner of the world. After all, the essence of our passion lies not just in the food itself, but in the stories it tells, the cultures it unveils, and the memories it creates, making every meal a cherished experience

I have tried some keto bread and the taste bland at times and present a spongy texture. Still, I had high hopes for this new offering. Alas, this is going to be a none review because the location I ordered my lunch in Burlington MA did not have the Keto buns they were advertising online and in their location. If you love grilling at home, I just bought this new samsung range stove to get the best professional cooking from home.

My co-workers brought me back lettuce-wrapped burger, but what kind of a proper lunch is that. There is no bun for the grease to seep into, so a grease, mustard and ketchup concoction was dripping off the lettuces leaves and forming pools of vile ketchup-grease on my desk.   

I will admit the burger tastes fine it is just the textures and the mustard and ketchup creating they’re slimy substance as the pickles are all trying to escape the lettuce that bothers me. The wilting lettuce around fatty meat did not help either. 

My suggestion skip Burgerim all together until they have they’re act together and a full menu to serve. Right now, it seems like a hodgepodge of whatever they can pump out the door of questionable quality.