Do You Even Lift?! With Your Vagina?

Vaginal Weightlifter, and holistic sex and relationship coach, Kim Anami, is bringing back her legendary 8-week program, Vaginal Kung Fu, designed to help women heal, strengthen and activate their vaginas. The vaginal power program, launching in February, will show women how to increase their libidos, have better orgasms and build super-powered vaginas.

Anami’s legendary program is the byproduct of her #thingsiliftwithmyvagina global campaign which saw her rise to fame. The viral Instagram campaign, #thingsiliftwithmyvagina, featured content of her traveling all over the world, lifting objects indigenous to various regions, such as surfboards in Venice Beach, green coconuts in Bali and a Murano glass chandelier in Italy, to showcase the importance of pelvic floor strength for women—and to show just what vaginas can do.

Additionally, ahead of it’s the program’s debut next month, Anami is gracing viewers with two new videos— “Orgasmatopia,” a raucous romp and celebration of all things feminine and orgasmic, and “Do You Even Lift? With Your Vagina?” highlighting the vaginal weightlifting movement and importance for life-changing sex.

“As a modern-day sexual savant, it is my experience that nearly every woman has a weak, under-performing, under-pleasuring vagina. And if a woman is disconnected from her sexuality and her vagina, she is operating at a massive disadvantage,” said Anami. “With my proprietary vaginal weightlifting technique and 8-week Vaginal Fung Ku program, every woman can have a deeply pleasurable, strong and orgasmic vagina.”

Amani’s work is a spiritual synthesis of over two decades of Tantra, Taoism, Transpersonal psychology, philosophy, and a host of quantum growth-accelerating practices she uses to propel clients into higher stratospheres of connection, intimacy, energy and creativity. Her musings on life and love have graced The Sunday Times (UK), Elle, InStyle, Women’s Health, O magazine, GQ, Playboy and national TV and talk shows from E! Network to CNN and NPR.

The place for premier online sex education, and her YouTube channel offers a variety of different courses and videos throughout the year for women, men, couples, mamas, and vaginas! To view her online programs and videos, visit her YouTube channel, her website, or to register for Vaginal Kung Fu, click here.

About Kim Anami
Kim Anami is the Vaginal Weightlifter, a holistic sex and relationship coach, writer, and speaker. Follow her vaginal weightlifting and adventures on Instagram with the hashtag: #thingsiliftwithmyvagina; view her sex education videos on YouTube and listen to her top-rated Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast. Please find her online all-things-intimacy programs at