FirmTech™ Announces its Official Launch of Erectile Performance Ring

FirmTech, a revolutionary new sexual wellness company that has developed the Performance Ring (FPR) and Tech Ring (FTR), will be officially launching at The Sexual Medicine Society of North America’s annual meeting. The groundbreaking tracker for men’s sexual wellness, to encourage better health, is a breakthrough in enhancing pleasure and monitoring the vital signs of erectile health. In addition, these FDA registered and patented devices are the first of their kind that can be safely and comfortably worn for hours by men of all ages. These transformative tools can build confidence and self-esteem in many men without them having to ever take medication.

The Performance Ring helps men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), those suffering from other sexual issues, and men simply looking to enhance their sexual experience and functioning. The Performance Ring also increases sensitivity and intensity of orgasms for the wearer.  The TechRing, which features the same comfortable design and benefits as the Performance Ring, includes smart-sensor technology that can be worn overnight as a diagnostic tool. The complementary easy- to- use phone app securely records, stores, and transmits data to the app which can then be privately shared with clinicians or partners. By age 50, nearly half of men report Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and that percentage increases 10% every decade thereafter. Tracking “Erectile Fitness” is a groundbreaking development in healthcare as instances of ED are often indicative of more serious underlying conditions.

FirmTech founder, Elliot Justin, M.D., FACFP, a graduate of Harvard University, describes The Tech Ring as “an EKG for men’s most favorite and sensitive organ.”  The Tech Ring can help men to elevate their sex lives from “good to great” while improving their overall physical – and mental health.  It will help men track important sexual wellness metrics while wearing the ring either overnight or during sexual activity. FirmTech empowers men to take control of their sexual health and fitness while having FUN”.

Designed by expert bioengineers and urologists, the Tech Ring is available direct-to-consumer through the FirmTech website for $275. The performance ring can be purchased currently at as well for $75.

FirmTech, Inc 
FirmTech, Inc is an innovative and progressive sexual health and wellness company founded by Dr. Elliot Justin. FirmTech focuses on developing products that encourage fun & enjoyable sex while empowering men to better understand their health and its impact on their sexual wellness. FirmTech is dedicated to evaluating men’s sexual health issues while providing them with products that enhance their performance and pleasure. It is based on the belief that sexual fitness is key to sexual health!

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