Boston’s Final Raid Returns: B.F. Raid Reunites and Hits the Studio

Get ready to unleash your inner headbanger as Boston’s cult favorite heavy metal band, B.F. Raid (Boston’s Final Raid), emerges from the shadows and ends their decades-long hiatus. Originating from Malden, Massachusetts, B.F. Raid forged their path in the metal scene with a unique and boundary-pushing approach, infusing reggae and psychedelic grooves into their fierce sound. The band’s popularity soared as they dominated the Boston Club circuit in the early 1980s, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s music scene. Now, after years of silence, B.F. Raid is back, reentering the recording studio to unleash their musical prowess once again.

B.F. Raid’s return brings with it the resurrection of fan favorites that once resonated through the airwaves. Songs like “Victim” and “Angel” became local radio staples in the 80s, capturing the hearts of metalheads in the Boston area. As a treat for loyal followers, the band will rerecord these timeless classics, infusing them with a renewed energy and a fresh perspective. For those who crave a nostalgic trip down memory lane, the original versions of “Victim” and “Angel” from the band’s 1983 demo can be streamed or downloaded for free on’s music page.

While paying homage to their iconic club classics, B.F. Raid also embarks on a creative exploration of new territories. During their upcoming late summer recording session, the band will capture the essence of tracks like “Within The Wine,” “Who Cracked the Egg,” and “In the Park” (Ill Wind). This audacious endeavor exemplifies B.F. Raid’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sound, blending influences from diverse genres while staying true to their heavy metal roots. Prepare to be captivated by their fearless musical experimentation.

The band’s reunion is a cause for celebration as original lead singer Bill Kowtowski, renowned for his work with Fido’s Gone Mad and Erotika, returns to the forefront. Kowtowski’s commanding vocals and undeniable stage presence have become synonymous with B.F. Raid’s identity. Alongside him, lead guitarist Bruce Owens, previously associated with Ill Wind and Jesus Heist, brings his virtuosity and melodic prowess back into the mix. The chemistry between Kowtowski and Owens is a force to be reckoned with, ensuring a powerful sonic experience that will transport fans back to the glory days of Boston’s metal scene.

Joining Kowtowski and Owens are exceptional musicians who inject their own flair and skill into the mix. Jamie Forbes, acclaimed for his contributions to Ill Wind and Tribal Wisdom, takes on the drumming duties, delivering thunderous beats that serve as the backbone of B.F. Raid’s sound. Hailing from Dallas, TX, Matt “Moose” Howard, a newcomer to the Boston music scene, brings his bass mastery to the forefront, solidifying the band’s rhythm section. Together, this ensemble of seasoned veterans and fresh blood promises a formidable musical force that will reignite the spirit of B.F. Raid.

In addition to their classic hits, B.F. Raid has a special surprise in store for fans of the band. The band will record “Hollywood with Snakes,” the first original composition since their early 80s demo. This eagerly awaited release showcases B.F. Raid’s growth and evolution while maintaining their signature intensity and ferocity. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating sonic journey that melds the best of the past with a glimpse into the band’s promising future.

To ensure a recording experience that captures the essence of B.F. Raid’s sound, the band has enlisted the expertise of Tom McDonald as the engineer and co-producer for the project. With McDonald’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of the band’s vision, the studio sessions promise to be a fruitful collaboration that captures the raw energy and essence of B.F. Raid.

Prepare to witness the long-awaited resurrection of Boston’s Final Raid. As B.F. Raid returns to the recording studio, they carry with them the weight of a legendary past and the promise of an electrifying future. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and join the ranks of avid metal enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the triumphant return of B.F. Raid, an iconic force in the Boston heavy metal scene.