What Are the Options for The New York Jets at Quarterback? Will They Roll with Wilson?

In the aftermath of the devastating injury to Jets starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers on that fateful Monday night, Jets Coach Robert Saleh addressed the media on Tuesday. His statement regarding the team’s commitment to their current backup, Zack Wilson, has raised more questions than answers. Many analysts believe that this declaration might be a well-crafted smokescreen, obscuring the Jets’ true intentions for their next move in the quarterback department. As we wait for the dust to settle, let’s explore some potential free-agent quarterbacks that the Jets could consider in their quest to fill the void left by Rodgers.

Cam Newton: Cam Newton’s passion for football is still evident, but the challenges are apparent. As a former mobile quarterback, he’s now on the other side of 33, and his last NFL action dates back to 2021. While it’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to return as Wilson’s backup, the odds of this signing seem less likely.

Matt Ryan: Matt Ryan’s illustrious career with the Atlanta Falcons concluded after the 2021 season. In 2022, the Colts signed him with hopes of him becoming their next Philip Rivers. Unfortunately, Ryan appeared to be on the decline and was eventually benched in favor of Sam Ehlinger. At 38 years old, Ryan’s physical attributes may be fading, but his football intelligence remains intact. He could potentially serve as a game manager, allowing the Jets’ defense and playmakers to shine.

Colin Kaepernick: Colin Kaepernick’s situation is a complex one, where both sides of the argument can hold some truth. He might have faced unjust treatment by the NFL, but at nearly 36 years old, and after seven years away from professional football, his return to the NFL is uncertain at best.

Cooper Rush: While not a free agent, the mention of Cooper Rush in trade talks has emerged. Dallas owner Jerry Jones emphasized the importance of quarterback depth, making it unlikely for him to part with Rush. However, stranger things have happened in the NFL, and trade possibilities remain a subject of speculation.

Joe Flacco: Among the available options, Joe Flacco presents a strong case. He started for the Jets last year, and surprisingly, the offense performed at its best with him under center. Flacco’s belief in his abilities to continue playing is unwavering. Perhaps he can persuade the Jets to bring him back into the fold.

Carson Wentz: Carson Wentz’s NFL journey has been filled with ups and downs. Following a challenging stint in Philadelphia in 2020, he was given another chance with the Indianapolis Colts in 2021, which did not yield the desired results. In 2022, he joined Washington, yet success continued to evade him. Despite being a veteran and potentially representing the Jets’ fourth team in as many years, Wentz, at 31 years old, could offer a more promising option among the available quarterbacks.

Colt McCoy: The future of Colt McCoy’s football career remains uncertain, but his dedication is evident, having spent the entire offseason in Cardinals training camp. As a seasoned veteran capable of effectively managing a game, McCoy could be a viable option for the Jets to consider.

Brett Hundley: Brett Hundley’s NFL journey has seen its share of ups and downs since making nine starts for the Green Bay Packers in 2017. His recent stint in the XFL with the Vegas Vipers showcased competence, though the level of competition in the XFL may not provide a definitive measure of his abilities. While not the most appealing option, Hundley remains on the list of potential choices for the Jets.

As the Jets navigate this challenging period and weigh their options, the decision concerning their next quarterback will undoubtedly carry significant implications for the team’s future. Each potential option presents a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, making the selection process a critical one for the Jets’ franchise.