2017 TMR Zoo Beat the House Official Rules


The concept of Beat the House is simple: pick the winners of each game each week.

To enter, fill in the entry form by selecting the outcome of each game.

Correct picks are tallied after each game and are tracked over the course of the 2017 NFL Season and displayed by username on the Beat the House Leaderboard.

At the end of the NFL regular season, the top 10 members with the most correct picks have automatically made the playoffs. There will be six (6) additional Wildcard playoff spots available and will be awarded for various achievements throughout the regular season. Two Wildcard playoff spots are reserved for the top two members who have liked the Beat the House Facebook Page but are not in the top 10.

The Beat the House Playoffs will coincide with the NFL Playoffs. Playoff contestants will be asked to predict the playoff results along with various tie-breakers. Each round, the playoff field will be cut in half until the final members remaining will be asked to pick the Super Bowl winner, score and some other related outcomes. The ultimate Beat the House tiebreaker will be overall correct picks on the season.

Making and Changing Entries

When filling in an entry form, you do not have to make a pick for each game. This is helpful if there are early games scheduled for a given week (games played on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday). You may make your picks for these games beforehand and complete the rest later.

Games are automatically locked out on the entry form according to their scheduled date and time. Early games are locked at the start of the individual game. All remaining games (including the Monday Night Football game) are locked at the scheduled start time of the first Sunday game.

Note: all times displayed on the schedule are Eastern.

You may change your pick for any game up until the time that game is locked.

Entries must be completed on time. Once a game is locked, you may not change your pick for it. If you did not make a pick for a particular game, it is counted as a loss. If you submit a partial entry and either forget or are unable to complete it, the games you did not pick will count as losses.

If you have trouble accessing the site, logging in or completing your entry, please contact the Administrator for help. If you are unable to make your picks before they are locked out, the Administrator may enter your picks after the fact if the picks are communicated to the Administrator ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please contact the Administrator


Grand Prize:


Weekly and Random Prizes:

All weekly and random prizes will be announced at the time they are eligible to be won. The requirements for winning one of these prizes will be announced at the time as well. If a prize is not annouced for a specific week it means there is not one available for that week. It is best to "like" the Beat the House Facebook Page for special prize eligibility updates and reminders to get your weekly picks in.


Registration is easy... all we need from you is a username to track your picks under, an email address where we can contact you when you win a prize, and pick a secure password. That's it! There is no extensive registration process.